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Oh hai!!! Welcome to my DeviantART page :D Glad your here!!! Sooooo let me tell you about myself. I love Action and comedy movies, I love anime with all my heart, drawing is one of my main Pastime actives and Video Games rule!!!!!!
My Favourite colour is Purple like my room
My Favourite food is Tuna casserole :) YUMMY!!!
My Favourite book is I am number Four.
My Favourite movie of all time is Corpse Bride. Love Tim Burton!!!
My Favourite animal is A wolf. (I DON"T like twilight)
I hate; Popular girls who think they are all that, Boys most of the time, Straight shippings (Once in a while I might), my parents, Romance movies.

Anime facts;
My Favourite animes in order (Favourite shipping in that show will be added too.)
Yu-Gi-Oh! :iconyamiyuugiplz: :heart: :iconbabypandaplz:
Nabari No Ou. :iconyoiteplz: :heart: :iconmiharuplz:
Black Butler. :iconsebastianplz: :heart: :iconcielphantomhiveplz:
Vampire Knight :iconkanamekuranplz: :heart: :iconzerokiryuplz:

My Famliy Tree :meow: Not my real one :XD: :

:iconinvaderblitzwing: <--- My beautiful sister, I love her. Our promise is strong and so is are bond I will ALWAYS believe her, and love her. I love you Anna :heart:
:iconyamiyugi2012: <---- My new little sister!!! She is sweet and she is an awesome younger sister :heart:
:iconmyshadowsheart: <----My sister
:iconinvaderzimgirl23: <--- OMG!! SO FUNNY :XD: Love her lots! The 2 sister I got on here we are so close
Hello my pals.

So its been a while I thought it was time for an update for you guys. You deserve it right ;)

First off about my mom. She's been out if the hospital for two weeks (sorry I never updated about that) and she's doing great still. The doctors said it was a stroke. It doesn't help the fact that she had two. But she's okay. She's home now :)

I also felt like it was a good Idea to talk about shipping's. Based on my Deviations my shippings are going all around :XD:

SO I'll start with ones you guys more than likely know about.

Those are the Yugioh shipping names I know.

These are some other shipping's that may not be as well known from me (not all Yugioh)
Noah x Moukuba (Yugioh)
Ciel x Sebastian (Black Butler)
Yoite x Miharu (Nabari no ou)
L x Light (Death note)
Zero x Kaname (Vampire Knight)
Yuma x Astral (Yugioh Zexal)
Link x Dark Link (Zelda)
Marth x Ike (SSBB XD)
Link x Pit (SSBB)
Nero x Dante (Thank you :iconinvaderblitzwing: XD) (Devil may Cry 4)
Gir x Zim (invader Zim)
Heba x Atem (Yugioh)

I might update this I think I forgot shipping but I don't know XD

Alright thats all for know!

Love ya guys :)
So my dad confirmed it
Was a stroke. She's okay.
Thank god. Thank you for
All your prays guys she nededed

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Hey it's me YamiYugi2012. I had to make a new account because I am unable to access my other. Still trying with my other one but this is a new one I might use a lot more if I am unable to access my other account
YukixKyo4ever Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay thanks for telling me little sis :)
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Your welcome
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Hihi!!! Welcome to the :iconthe-da-ranger-group:!!!!!! I'm so glad you joined and I hope you have lots of fun!! *throws glitter*
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do you do requests?
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well, first I was wondering if you do mmd requests?
YukixKyo4ever Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Once again depending on what you want
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hi :)
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Hey :D
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